Wednesday, June 6, 2012


"You could not pay me enough money to be twenty-four again."
-a quote from HBO's new hit TV series Girls

I'm twenty-three years old. That means I'm two years past the excitement of legal drinking age and caught in the limbo of being old to college kids and young to people in their late twenties bordering thirty. I recently discovered that adolescence continues on until the age of twenty-five. So, despite believing that those awkward hormonal years were done, I still have two more of them left. Such discoveries lead me to an FML moment.

This article from The New York Times in May talks about the depressing lack of money and job opportunities for twenty-somethings just out of college. And it doesn't stop there...

Lena Dunham (a fellow twenty-somethings girl) writes and stars in the new HBO series Girls.

The show can be dark at times, but portrays a hysterical and well-written view of one's life in their twenties in NYC. This article on the TV series gets more in-depth on the twenties theme deeming Girls the "best new show of 2012."

I also have always prided myself on the belief that age is just a state of mind. I'm not saying that there aren't realities to various struggles that one faces during a certain stage or period in one's life, but being a certain age doesn't need to define who you are.

To all the twenty-somethings out there, I get it: the struggle, the confusion, the abundance of possibilities that are both thrilling and paralyzing. I'm currently in the same stage in my life. But taking a step away from my cynical new yorker perspective, let's look at what else the young twenties has to offer us:
-we can FINALLY legally drink (just a short four years later than the rest of the world)
-we don't yet have to deal with drooping body parts
-we can blame something (our age) for our current problems. If we try hard enough there is always a way to push off the responsibility from ourselves onto our current stage in life.
-We aren't alone. Our parents dealt with it and other friends in their twenties are dealing with it.

Cliché as it may be: this time in our lives is a rite of passage. Bitch and complain all we want to friends and family, but let's also try to enjoy the ride. It passes by pretty quickly.

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