Friday, June 8, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things Today

Thank God It's Friday!

Here's a hit list of some of my favorite things today:
1. This cute tumbler featuring Snow White: 
On the topic of Snow White, I'm dying to see the new movie Snow White and the Huntsmen. 
2. The view of Southwest Harbor on a sunny day: 
3. A fun song suggested to me by one of my best friends back in NYC:
4. My best friend's now three-year-old dog, Josie, happily rolling in the mud during our walk around little long pond in Seal Harbor. 
5. This new guilt free soda for yogis. Get your zen on...
6. Elizabeth Streb's choreography. She is one of my favorite choreographers who constantly makes you want to literally test the bounds of gravity:
7. The book My Body Is A Temple by Christian Sell, which I'm currently reading with a group of yogis in Maine. Somehow I feel that this book pertains more to my dad who is on a trying diet right now. Keep up the good work, papa :) 
8. More videos of funny falling montages for all the klutzes out there, especially one in Laguna Beach who I miss terribly. This is only little kids falling, which makes it especially cute:
9. This article about acoustic invaders which range from wildlife to your cell phone. An interesting view on one of the more subtle effects of technology. 
10. The fact that my parents and my puppy, Melvin, are coming to Maine this Sunday :) 
Have a great weekend!!!

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