Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day

June 17th is the big day! What will you get for your dad this father's day? I'm very close to my dad and want to get him a gift to remind him how special he is to me. In the Harrison family Mother's Day and Father's Day are viewed as Hallmark holidays, but I also find it nice that we have a day dedicated to moms and dads. A little appreciation can go a long way. 

As the elegant klutz, this tumblr of two mice driving a car portrays my relationship with my dad, hot coffee, and driving rather well: 

Here are some cute gift ideas for Father's Day 2012 that I found while exploring online: 

1. These yummy cake pops that you can design specifically for your dad. I am always tempted to buy one at Starbucks but have yet to try them. This design example is super cute: 

2. Any jersey that has to do with sports, especially hockey for my dad. Jerseys are pretty pricey but e-bay has some good deals on them. My dad is also from Canada, so Maple Leafs jersey is a must. 

3. Creating a homemade card. This card using candy is really creative and adorable. Plus, you not only get a lasting card but a sugary treat to snack on. 

4. The beer route is usually a safe bet. This basket of microbrew beers only goes for $39.99. 

5. Or there is this new gross beer-filled donut made by a place called Psycho Donuts. Psycho indeed...It's just gross enough to make your face cringe yet you can't help wondering what it tastes like. It is filled with Rogue Mocha Porter beer mixed with pastry cream and malt extract. Yuck or yum? 

I think even my dad (the king of junk food) would be a bit skeptical of this one. 

I leave you with one last funny video from Saturday Night Live. It shows a tumultuous relationship between father and son, but has a few laugh out loud moments. 

Happy Almost Father's Day! If your dad is anything like mine, he deserves a reminder of how important he is to you. Hope these gift ideas help you plan :) 

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