Monday, June 4, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

Today it is raining for what feels like the millionth day in a row. Rain always makes me sleepy and gives me a reason to lie in bed for another five minutes...or two hours.

There's something different about rain in the country rather than the city. The rain here in Southwest Harbor, Maine (where I live for the summer and most of the fall) feels fresh, crisp, and mysterious; while the rain in New York City (where I was born and I live for the majority of the year) often feels a bit dirty. At times I feel like rain water in NYC comes up from the gutters to fall on people and incite more fighting matches about who gets a cab.

Yesterday my reaction to the rain can be categorized as feline. I curled up in bed to cuddle with my brotha from another motha and watched Mad Men. We were safe and cozy in bed with the image of rain flooding our stone patio, pine trees, and the causeway outside through our floor-to-ceiling windows.

On the other hand, my boyfriend's reaction to the rain can be categorized as rugged. Upon imminent flood warnings, he bush-wacked through a hike with his sister, her boyfriend, and their two dogs in the soaking weather.
                                                       My boyfriend's reaction:


My reaction: 

It goes to show what a difference each persons' reaction or outlook to rain (and many other variables in one's life) can make.
One thing is for sure: this song can cheer up any rainy day blues, laziness, or boredom that might arise during a wet day. Just watch for sharp edges of furniture and possibilities of tripping if the song causes an impromptu dance party. Not that I have to worry about such klutziness :)

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  1. Hi elegant klutz...
    Love your blog. Keep 'em coming. Tell us the story of how you... oh forget it! You have too many klutzy incidences to review. But tell me how do you spell my name? Is it c-h-a-b-e-e? XO