Friday, June 15, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things Today

1. This is just one of my favorite videos in general...not just today:
2. If that version of LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It doesn't get you, then this one with our president Obama hopefully will: 

3. This new Lululemon bra called "Some Like It Hot." I think Marilyn Monroe would agree that this bra is hot and great for when you get hot doing yoga, running, or whatever your workout may be this summer.

4. A healthy and delicious recipe for chocolate espresso cupcakes. For more delicious and healthy recipes visit

5. This liberation dance with Shiva Rea which is also a part of Shiva's trance dance DVD. It's a great meditation and energetic release that actually leaves you feeling more energized. 

6. A patron mojito. This drink recipe is simple and looks like a yummy special treat for summer. 
Click here for the recipe.
7. This beautiful and spot-on dance tumblr:

8. This historical-fiction The Heretic Queen about the misunderstood Egyptian Queen Nefertari, the daughter of Queen Nefertiti.  It's a romantic book that brings you back to ancient Egypt through informative and fun writing by Michelle Moran. 

9. This picture of my dad and I dancing at our friend's 30th birthday party. The actual moment that the picture was taken is one of my favorite things. 

10. And finally a song to leave you dancing (hopefully in a klutzy manner) for the rest of the weekend: 

Have a good weekend and happy father's day!!! 

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