Friday, February 1, 2013

Devotional or Humble Warrior

There are days when you walk into class and people are roaring to go. That energy is awesome! But sometimes the high amount of energy can stop us from listening to what our body needs and focus on what we think a pose should look like, or going further in a pose than we should go (aka when injuries happen). This week’s pose, devotional warrior, is what grounds our, at times, overly zealous energy. It is a humbling pose that encourages us to bow to ourselves and surrender to our intuition in body and breath.

Sanskrit: This pose does not have a Sanskrit name because it came into existence recently and is a krama or precursor in levels before getting to poses like “lizard” or “yogi foot behind the head”

Western Term: Devotional Warrior or Humble Warrior

Origin of Word a humbling pose where one bows their head down to the ground

Type of Asana: Standing Pose

How To:
1.     Start in Warrior I (check 1.25.13’s blog for more info on how to do Warrior I).  Exhale as you reach your arms down by your sides and interlace your fingers behind your lower back.
2.     Inhale to roll your shoulder blades down your back as you pull your interlaced fingers behind you and come into a slight backbend.
3.     Exhale to fold brining the top of your head down towards the floor. Keep your shoulder blades on your back and reach your arms forward. Keep a deep bend in the front knee.
4.     Stay for 5-7 breaths before coming up and doing opposite side.

Body Points:
*keep the palms of the interlaced fingers together
*bend the front knee deeper, trying to bring the top of your head closer to the floor while keeping your back leg lengthening
*keep the shoulder blades on your back

 Emphasized Body Parts: opens the hips, opens stretches & strengthens the shoulders, strengthens and limber the legs

Mental Achievements: encourages focus and reverence

Chakra: 3rd chakra, Manipura chakra, symbolized by a 10-petaled yellow lotus. Located between the navel and breast bone. The center where you turn energy into action.
-“seed sound” or bija mantra: “ram” to ignite the fire within while in 3rd chakra poses

Ancient Sanskirt Proverb: “Person with enthusiasm is a powerful one. There is no power equal to will power. For a person with enthusiasm and will power there is nothing that is difficult.”

Element: Fire

Have a good weekend!


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