Friday, January 11, 2013

Tittibhasana or "Firefly" Pose

Sanskrit: tittibhasana                                    Western Term: “firefly pose”

Type of Asana: balancing pose

Dorky video, but hopefully you get the point of the pose :)

How To:
1.     Heel toe the feet into a wide-legged parallel position. Exhale to fold into a wide-legged uttanasana (forward bend). Reach the hands back, keeping the arms shoulder distant apart, try keep the palms of the hands down on the floor, and bring the legs over the shoulders. Staying right here and working on bringing the legs over the shoulders in this forward bend is a great place for beginners to stay.
2.     Bend the elbows making a shelf with the arms and spreading the fingers for more surface area for support.
3.     Bring one leg off the floor, bringing the weight into the hands. As you feel steady, scoop up and in with the belly (udiyanabandha) and start to lift the second leg up. When both legs come up, start by crossing the ankles in front of you while balancing on your hands. Stay here for a breath.
4.     As you feel ready, start to reach the legs out to the sides in a wide “V.” Stay here for 5-7 breaths.
5.     To come out of the pose, re-cross the ankles over one another and (in a controlled manner) re-bend the elbows as you sit back onto your sits-bones.

Body Points:
*Keep energy reaching out of the toes as you lengthen the legs out to the side, keeping them raised over the shoulders.
*Keep the belly scooping up and in
*Spread the fingers and toes

 Emphasized Body Parts: hamstrings, adductors, inner groins, back torso, strengthens arms and wrists, tones the belly, & improves balance

Mental Achievements: energy, energy, and energy. This pose will light you up like a firefly for the rest of the day. Feel light, energized, and connect with your sensuality. 

An aid for beginners: kramas or levels of a pose give us yogis with various levels options. For any given pose, there are various levels of difficulty. This krama that I offer is for beginners to the pose:
-there are many karmas within this pose. Take your time evolving from one krama to the next as you feel ready and no sooner.

For beginners: get a feel for the pose by sitting on the floor and widening the legs to a 90 degree angle. Elevate each heel on a block and press your palms into the floor between your legs.

Chakra: 2nd chakra, symbolized by the color orange in a six-petaled lotus, located in the lower abdomen and pelvis. The Sanskrit name of the 2nd chakra is svadhisthana.

-The svadhisthana chakra allows you to get in touch with your sensuality.
-When you’re in a 2nd chakra pose say the word “vam” which is a bija mantra or “seed sound” which helps you connect to your pleasure and sensuality.

Ancient Sanskirt Proverb: “Hunger, thirst, and desire are like a man’s wives. They do not desert a man throughout his life. Of them, desire is the most faithful. Others leave at least temporarily after eating and drinking.”

Element: water

Song of the Week: “Ganesh is Fresh” by MC Yogi

* Do not do if shoulder, elbow, wrist, and lower back injury is present in body

Sources: Viewed 1/11/13. 

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  1. Great post. I nearly died doing it! XO Dad