Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why the paradox?

My mom was the first one to refer to me as an "elegant klutz" although I'm sure it was always quite obvious to my friends, family, and strangers who I encountered. I glide and I tumble with the same accuracy. I can do a pas de bourree rather well but find pouring the milk directly into my glass (rather than the counter top) a greater feat. I am a dancer, yogi, and athlete as well as a tumbler, spiller, and overall quite awkward person when it comes down to it. These dueling attributes never overpower one another, but rather appear at similar rates and make me who I proudly am: the elegant klutz.

It does bring me comfort to know I'm not the only elegant klutz out there and I have yet to display my talents on live TV.  I think the klutz characteristic overpowers both of these performances:
This guy sings too:

The important thing is to own it and keep on moving.
We all have a little klutz in us.